Terms & Conditions of Use

1. Application of the Terms of Use

This agreement sets out the terms upon which Pagemasters Pty Limited (Pagemasters) will allow you (including your directors, employees, officers, contractors, agents, principals  or any related body corporate or affiliate) (you) to access and use the website at www.pagemasters.com.au (Pagemasters Site).

This agreement is in addition to any additional terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers contained elsewhere on the Pagemasters Site (Other Agreements) and/or to any written agreement you may have with Pagemasters with respect to the supply and use of any materials or services that may be accessible through the Site (Service Agreement).  In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this agreement, the Other Agreements and the Service Agreement, the conflict or inconsistency shall be resolved according to the following precedence of documents (highest to lowest):

  1. the Service Agreement;
  2. the Other Agreements;
  3. this agreement.

Your use of the Pagemasters Site constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

2. The Pagemasters Site

The Pagemasters Site is operated by Pagemasters Pty Limited.

3. Use of Content included on the Pagemasters Site

All information, text and images included on the Pagemasters Site is for personal use only and may not be re-written, copied, re-sold or re-distributed, framed, linked or otherwise used whether for compensation of any kind or not, without the prior written permission of Pagemasters.

4. Accuracy of content

The Pagemasters Site and content included on it is published for information purposes only without assuming a duty of care. Pagemasters is not in the business of providing professional advice, and gives no warranty, guarantee or other representation about the accuracy of the information or images contained on the Pagemasters. Pagemasters is not liable for errors, omissions in, delays or interruptions to or cessation of the Pagemasters Site through negligence or otherwise.

5. Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Pagemasters and its third party suppliers exclude all liability to any person for loss or damage of any kind arising from or relating in any way to the content included on the Pagemasters Site and /or any use of the Pagemasters Site. Where any law implies a condition, warranty or guarantee into these terms of use which may not be lawfully excluded, then to the maximum extent permitted by law, Pagemasters’ liability for breach of the condition, warranty or guarantee will at Pagemasters’ option be limited to the re-supply of the relevant service or the payment of the cost of having that service resupplied.

6. Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, Pagemasters reserves all copyright in the content and design of the Pagemasters Site. Pagemasters owns all such copyright or uses it under licence or applicable law.

You may view the Pagemasters Site and their content using your web browser and make a temporary copy of all or part of the Pagemasters Site for your personal use only.

7. Trade marks

The Pagemasters Site include registered and unregistered trade marks (both in Australia and elsewhere), including but not limited to the words Pagemasters, Pagemasters NZ, Pagemasters Editorial Services and the Pagemasters logo. You may not use any of the Pagemasters trade marks or the name “Pagemasters”, “Pagemasters Pty Limited”, “Pagemasters NZ”, “Pagemasters NZ Pty Limited”, “Pagemasters Editorial Services” or “Pagemasters Editorial Services Limited” without first obtaining Pagemasters’ prior written consent.

8. Privacy

Pagemasters’ will collect and use personal information in accordance with Pagemasters’ privacy policy (as subject to Australia’s privacy laws), which is available on the Pagemasters Site.

9. Applicable law

These terms of use and all other specific and additional terms which govern your use or access to the Pagemasters Site will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

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